Monday, July 6, 2009

Week Six in Belize

Hello All! This week was full of paperwork and productivity. Sorry there are no pictures. Next week should be better though. Monday, I began work on my monthly report for June. I also talked to Rafael about the youth group. He asked that I meet with the president of the club and talk to her about running a meeting and how to run a club etc. So I worked on making an informational packet for her on the ins and outs of a basic club.

On Tuesday, I met with the president of the youth group, Edlan, and LeeRoy about the responsibilities of running a club, the officers they needed, and what paperwork they should be keeping for their records. I got them to agree to setting up a meeting this weekend so that they could elect their other officers. I also decided that it was important that they decide what they want for their club to accomplish and then we will need to decide how to accomplish that. In the afternoon I finished most of my report all I need is pictures for some of it.

Wednesday, I worked on my blog and finalized my June Report. I also added new information to my professional report. I began to plan a little for the youth group’s trip to Guatemala.

On Thursday, I met with Rafael to go over my lessons learned for the month. We covered also some different levels of lessons learned. We then traveled to San Ignacio to meet with Nancy Juan-Marin to discuss some of the questions she might be asked when she meets with the media next week about the Chiquibul. That took a good part of the day. Once we got back to the office I continued work on my professional paper. A majority of the staff will be taking some members of the government on a trip to the Chiquibul so that they can see the threats first hand.

Friday, I began to work on my PowerPoint presentation for when I arrive home. I also met with Pedro and we planned out our workshop for the Guatemalan trip. We decided that it would be nice to have Rafael discuss some of the key species in the Chiquibul with the youth. We also want to do a sharing activity where the youth can share and discuss the different community service and conservation activities that they have been involved in. Finally we will be doing a team building event for the group to strengthen and reiterate the importance of working together to achieve common goals. We plan on running this plan by Rafael on Tuesday when he gets back.

On Saturday, I celebrated the 4th of July in a quiet manner. This 4th of July was not near as spectacular as last years in Washington DC, but it was still good. I spent time with my host family just relaxing. I also called all my family to wish them a Happy 4th. Sunday was much the same.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summers. I appreciate all the goodies I recieved last week when Dr. Seevers was here. They have all been coming in handy. May God keep you safe and sound!

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